To be honest, I feel like our routine (or lack there of) is pretty basic and by the book most mornings. We have so many possible scenarios in our family depending on if one of us is traveling, who is going to an office for the day or who is working from home or does Parker have school or a class… and so on. It’s hard to really tell you exactly what our mornings are like [outside of general chaos], but let’s assume this is a weekday morning where I’m going into the office and Eric is going to be heading out to his studio...

I’ll wake at around 7am and nurse Sidney Sloane for around 20-30min. This may be the most serene time of my day and there’s nothing like starting your morning with some serious baby snuggles… I cherish them. Once she’s fed and happy, I’ll usually bring her into the bathroom with me while I put on makeup and she’ll play and babble. Once I’m done attempting to make it look like I’m not an exhausted human being, I’ll check in to see if our nanny has arrived and will take SS down to hang with her and eat some breakfast so I can get some clothes on. By this time, Eric is usually ready and downstairs making breakfast. He is always on breakfast duty as it’s his specialty. We gotta stick to our strengths! Coffee usually waits until I'm at the office already and I'll take a mid-morning break to run out and grab my necessary cup of decaf. Since Parker is basically a teenager, we’re lucky to see her before we both have to leave the house since she sleeps until like 8:30/8:45am most mornings. God bless her.

If Eric isn’t in town… we could remove breakfast at home from the scenario and assume I’m running 20 minutes behind.

Parker is starting in a two-day summer pre-k program in a couple of months and that will be our first venture into learning to juggle getting her to a designated place in the morning before we head to work. Not quite sure how that will all shake out, but I think having both of the girls at home makes our mornings pretty uneventful and full of the normal mornings stuff with kids! 

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