maternity fashion maxi dress

If there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's dressing the bump! I consider it to be a sort of fashion challenge. Do it right, and you'll feel like a million bucks. Do it wrong (which I've done few times) and you'll have a long day of being uncomfortable. Like the time I put on a non-maternity peplum top that actually had a bit of a crop top action going on, with the addition of the bump, that I didn't notice until I got to the office. Lesson learned on that fashion venture. 

maternity style maxi dress
maternity style parker etc amy parker anderson
maternity maxi dress parker etc amy parker anderson

As the summer temps have escalated, all I have wanted to wear are maxi dresses that basically look like potato sacs. As you know, I also don't want to invest a ton into maternity clothes, so I've hunted down ones that will also fit my style and body post pregnancy as well. A recent favorite has been this maxi dress with its flowy and flare. It's super lightweight, doesn't make me look like a I'm wearing a moo moo and will be great for new baby nursing days too since the straps are easily adjusted and can be pulled down. Check, check and check! 

maternity maxi dress fashion
amy parker anderson parker etc maternity style
amy parker anderson parker etc maternity style

OUTFIT DETAILS :: DRESS / SHOES (similar) / VEST (simliar) / BACKPACK (similar high/similar low) / WATCH / SUNGLASSES

Below are a few other options for non-maternity flowy maxi dresses that I think would be great to try as well if you're looking for options!