DIY Pom Poms ::: Brunch + Craft Day


Who knew tissue paper pom pom's would be all the rage? Hang them on the ceiling or wall for parties/dinners, make small ones to tie around napkins, use them as centerpieces on the table or heck, why not use them in your hair (like me...showcased here!)

A couple weeks ago, my amazing designer/fashionista friend Leslie hosted a brunch with some fellow crafty, artsy and all around hip ladies. The pom pom's were our afternoon craft project. The purple/gold combo above is my very own strand I made for our apartment. Leslie even designed and made the invitations below. Why go Evite when you can make ridiculously cool handmade invites?! Had so much fun with all the girls and hope we continue brunch + craft days this summer!


Lovely 'How To' Photos By: Rifle Design

Brunch Photos By:  Jenai Talkington

What I Wore : Easter 2011

No better time for starting something new than Spring.

We spent our annual Easter brunch with our NY family at 'Gun Club.'

First day the legs came out sans tights this year!  Great excuse to wear my darling gifted skirt courtesy of Leslie at Lulu Grace Vintage!  Also loving the DIY hardware store necklace idea from PS I Made This!

Hope this blogging thing comes naturally... stay tuned.