Zach Williams and The Bellow + Week(end) Roll Call

Have you ever heard music that makes your heart beat a little faster, your feet tap a little louder and that feeling that, after it's over, as you're humming the still want more?

Your ears should meet Zach Williams and The Bellow.

Zach is a friend and fellow Brooklynite. We've watched him grow from small coffee shops to headlining Bowery Ballroom, from the Brooklyn Family Potluck to singing hymns at our wedding. He's got charm and soul like you've never seen on stage. So much in fact, that they rented out Rockwood Music Hall so they could record their latest album as if it was a live performance. Smart. Cause you can listen to their record, but if you've never seen them live, you've never actually heard the music. Every song is a story full of hope, passion and redemption.


This week, Zach Williams and The Bellow have launched their Kickstarter to help fund their latest album. It's a real risk, and they know it, but it's one that this 8-piece southern folk band is ready to take on. They'd like to invite you to come and join in, not only the financing, but in what music is suppose to be about.

 Besides preaching about ZW&The Bellow this week.....this is what caught my attention ::

- Adorable fashionista Emma Arnold of the blog Tres Awesome, captured some fun street style at Lollapolooza last weekend for Elle.

- A crazy talented trio of our friends, Esther Havens + Adam Sjoberg + Lane Wood, just returned from a trip to India for Warby Parker. Adam shot gorgeous behind-the-scenes footage (as usual!) and put together a video that will make you want to pack your bags and book that next flight to New Delhi! (While on his site, scroll down and you'll stumble upon the video he did for our wedding!)

- Move over appears there's a new pattern in town.....marbleizing! What do you think of it?

- I can't afford it, but I want it. I really really want it! I'll have to settle with adding it to my Pinterest to stare at! We can all have those lists, right?!

-It's officially real.....the Missoni for Target full lookbook or just browse some snip its!

- Last, but most important, did you read this heartbreaking, but powerful article on 9 year old Rachel Beckwith in the NY Times? You won't make it thru with dry eyes. In lieu of presents for her 9th birthday, she asked her friends to donate $9 each to charity:water for water projects in Africa. Her fund-raiser, as of this morning, has exceeded over $1 million in donations from all over the world and her touching story is teaching generations how to be more humbled and selfless.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

ZW&B - Rockwood Recording by E on Vimeo.

Photos : E