XOXO Video + Week(end) Roll Call

Few things to reflect on after watching that video, besides being the MOST ADORABLE thing you've ever seen, is 1) I want big person sizes in all the clothes that little girl is wearing  2) I'd like to live in that building where it was shot (which is luckily in NY) and 3) I'd like Yeasayer to follow me around and be the soundtrack to a careless afternoon running around an abandoned building. Small requests, really!

The week went by fast......things that were able to catch my attention:

- Monday was my birthday! Had a delightful date night with E at one of our long standing favorite restaurants in the city. For once, I enjoyed a really low key and relaxing birthday!

- I have a super huge girl crush on Emma Stone. Did you see 'Easy A'? She has some great comedic chops and super dry humor......my kindof girl! Check her out looking flawless --> here

- Did you sign up for Spotify? You can do a Free version! Get an invite --> here

- MTV announced the nominations for the 2011 Video Music Awards. Remember when you actually watched them? Well, in case you still do.....the nominations can be found --> here

- Pitchfork Music Festival made some style statements....some cute...some scary. You choose which is which....galleries are here & here

- New love = Lulufrost code rings. You can stack them to make your own numerical sequence for an anniversary, birthday, lucky number.....whatever your favorite number sequence may be! Now, I can't go affording one, let alone a series of them, but I think it's an adorable idea!

 - I love a good weekend flea market scavenger hunt! I also love that Apartment Therapy narrows down some of the hunt for you (especially when it's 110 degrees outside and I'm not hunting for anything that doesn't come with air conditioning this weekend).....check out some scavenger flea finds in your city -> listed here

Hope everyone has a wonderful (and refreshingly cool and air conditioned) weekend!

video: Papier Mache - XOXO from papier mache magazine on Vimeo