What Is Your Favorite Memory?

What a greatquestion. When was the last time someone asked you about your favorite memory?

Immediately when I saw this video, I resonated with the opening man who said 'I have so many great memories that all just came flooding back to me, you just made my day!'

What’s my favorite memory? Took me all of .02 seconds to know the answer to that…... and it’s a mushy one so be warned! My favorite memory is when those old church doors opened and I stood at the end of the aisle clutching my dad’s arm and locked eyes with E at the other end….. I didn’t even notice if any guests had shown up…. and in that moment it wouldn’t have mattered….. I couldn't have ever pictured how beautiful that moment felt.... and then the joyful tears started! 

Ok... that's the end of the mushy part! But this video is a such a great reminder to take time to be thankful.

So, now it's your turn, what's your favorite memory? Would love to hear, so share below.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Video: via the fine folks at Refinery 29