What I Wore :: Work Day

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I'm lucky enough to work in an industry that doesn't have fashion restrictions that include the dreaded "business attire" of dull pant suits and power jackets in monotone colors. Phew. Lets be honest, I would probably never fit into a job that requires that in the first place! I tend to stay pretty relaxed for most office days since they tend to be loooonnnggg hours, and I generally keep things pretty comfortable. My only twist is I have to be able to go from day-to-night with about 80% of my outfits. Living in New York where there are last minute dinners, drink meet ups, birthday gatherings and any concerts I have to work all require that my outfit transition as well. When I get dressed in the morning, I have to be committed to that outfit for a good 12-14 hours! Best part of this outfit is I re-discovered these snake skin flats I've had for a few years, but put into hibernation last year when I packed them for moving. Ta-da....I'm in love with them all over again!

Dress worn as maxi skirt: Vintage - similar style found here

Black T-Shirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Urban Outfitters - similar style found here

Lips: Revlon - Orange Flip

Necklaces: Parker Etc small skull (available in the shop soon!), Vintage gold links - similar style found here

In other deep thoughts for today....funny how doing outfit pictures really allow you to get a better idea of your...well....outfits. Today's post pointed out to me that I should really re-introduce myself to my iron!