What I Wore :: To Welcome Fall To The Neighborhood

Part of me wants to leap up and down while flailing my arms and twirling in the street and scream 'welcome fall, you are my favorite season in the whole wide year of seasons..... can you stay forever?'. It would be like one of those epic moments in an 80's film. Then I remember I live in New York, and such antics would classify me as the 'resident crazy' to the neighbors.... and well, we don't want that to happen. Still trying to get them to not judge us for the eight million times our smoke alarm goes off because I can't cook. If you're one of our neighbors and somehow drifted to the end of the internet and found this post.... sorry, I'm learning. I swear. 

parkeretc_amy parker anderson_Fall is here _ 1.jpg

I'll just admit now, this won't be the last time you hear me preach about my love for fall. This is just the first for the season. The air here in Brooklyn has an added crispness, the leaves are slowly, but surely, changing a few shades and the sun is setting an hour earlier. My mood has drastically changed now that I'm not worrying about what outfit to put together that I won't be dying of heat in and, let's face the facts, layering just makes my day! 

parkeretc_amy parker anderson_Fall is here _ layout.jpg


Sweater dress :: H&M (borrowed)

Tights :: Uniqlo

Jacket :: Thrifted 

Shoes :: Vera Wang

Bag :: c/o Brahmin