What I Wore :: To Break The Rules

Whoever started the rumor that you couldn't wear white after Labor Day was a real nutcase. As you can see.... I don't abide by many 'fashion rules'.... and neither should you, if you choose to join my rebel brigade. Well, except for anything related to the banning of JNCO's and neck eating shoulder pads. Those rules will apply until the end of time, don't even try to test those waters. 

Silly rules aside, you can count on this lady wearing a lot of winter white on white. It's crisp, fresh and about as easy to throw on as my 'go-to throw on and run out the door' all black outfit that you'll find me in when I've overslept. That secret is out. 

It's been quite the month of celebrations, big milestones and new adventures. Jumping for joy was in order, as promised. Sure hope November is ready to follow suit. 



Shirt :: Thrifted

Pants :: Old Navy 'Rockstar Jeans'

Shoe :: Miss Sixty

Jacket :: Topshop

Satchel :: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Jewels :: DIY, vintage, F21, gifted