What I Wore :: Necklace Remix

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20110621_What I Wore_2.jpg

Oh, it's that time of year again......summer! Each new season I find myself re-inventing my wardrobe and accessories as a way of being budget friendly. Most recently, it's been my necklaces. I've had these two super chunky gold link necklaces that E gave me for Christmas last year. I've always worn them individually or at layering lengths, but I was inspired to start wrapping them together to create a chunkier look. I've liked it so much I've also been doing it with a few other necklace combinations. Key is they have to be roughly the same length. Other than that, it creates a whole new necklace!

Shirt & Skirt: F21. I've thought about a DIY project with some lace pieces similar to this top to revamp an old shirt! Could be fun.

Shoes: Miss Sixty

Scarf: Thrift

Bag: scored this great $7 bag...yes SEVEN big ones...via Walmart thanks to the amazing style eye of Shauna Miller at Penny Chic! I love a wonderfully priced gem!

In other summer arrival news, this is also my shout out to sunscreen! While I love a good golden summer look, as I've gotten older I've become more and more realistic on the damage of sunburns and tanning. Oh, and it's near impossible to find a decent local beach in the area (and rooftops don't count). Either way, I embrace the pale and will be thankful when I'm older (or so I have to repeat to myself now!). This summer I am more about a little bronzer and some trusty UV protection. If self tanner is your golden route, I suggest checking out this great post by Birchbox & Runway Hippie on their top picks --> here.