What I Wore :: 'MERICA


Yesterday was America's birthday and we celebrated in true Brooklyn style! In choosing to live in our loft space that came complete with a skylight, we kissed goodbye a sweet backyard or porch option that could sustain a grill and a rooftop to hangout on.... as in doing so,  you could spy into everyone's apartments. [Creeper alert] 

But that doesn't stop us from using everyone else's grills and rooftops! Yep, we're talking to you.... do you have a grill or rooftop? Invite us over already! We started our food crawl yesterday at Prospect Park where there was grilling and babies galore..... then sauntered over to a friends backyard for more delicious grilled bites and familiar faces. Once the sun was departing, we booked it over to another generous friends rooftop where we could see, not just one, but two sets of full on fireworks while eating homemade pulled pork.

I've truly been beyond lucky to watch fireworks in Paris on Bastille Day, over the Washington Monument from my deck at Georgetown, in the streets of Rome with fellow Americans and while lying on the beach in Maui. Take my word, nothing.... and I mean nothing..... beats watching fireworks, in all their glory, explode over the skyline of Manhattan. It's majestic beyond description. If you've never seen it, I suggest you get yourself here at least once in your lifetime. 



Dress :: Zara (got it for $12 at Beacon's Closet)

Shoes :: Old Navy (similiar

Satchel :: F21 (compliments of the fine ladies at Refinery 29!)

Necklaces :: Vintage, large gold belt used as a necklace