What I Wore :: Laundry Day

We've all been there before, it's laundry day and it's a little overdue, so all you have is your 'leftover' clothes to try and get dressed. It gets tricky, it gets creative and then there's always the surprise 'I forgot I owned this!' moment. It's like a treasure hunt to find any last-man-standing gems that are still wearable and not cocktail gowns or sweatpants. What if I just wore a ball gown around the city all day with the excuse that it's laundry day?!

So the hunt began. 

20120116_Laundry Day Outfit.jpg

This was the concoction I came up with.... and was pretty proud of myself. It's got a little color, a little comfy and a little corky all-in-one. 

Sweater :: Ann Demeulemeester

Shirt + Skirt :: F21

Boots :: Franco Sarto (similiar)

Bow :: F21

Necklace :: Vintage

Tights :: Urban Outfitters