What I Wore :: Happy Birthday to Me.....for the 26th time!

Yep, that's right.....today I have officially lived 26 big years! I swear it feels like just yesterday I was celebrating 25 and, on the other hand,  it also feels like forever ago. You know that feeling?

In the past 365 days I have gone from engaged to married, from a Graziano to an Anderson (actually only 60% of the way there....have you been to the SS Office + NY DMV?! Frustration central!), moved boroughs, travelled rural Mexico in a rental car...and survived, became an aunt for the first time to Liam, saw my dad and sister get married...obviously not to each other...(come on people!)...discovered a love for cauliflower and the bus system in Brooklyn and starting a jewelry line along with this blog. Phew. I was told today that I'm not getting older....I'm getting more distinguished.....and frankly, I like that!


Here's to being 26!

Skirt:c/o Lulgrace Vintage

Tanks: F21

Shoes: Miss Sixty

Bullet Shell Necklace: Parker Etc

Bag: Walmart

Sunnies: Street Market

Watch : Grandpa's

Lipstick: Revlon Orange Flip

Headband : DIY from a tissue paper pom pom strand and twine --> tutorial coming soon!