What I Wore :: Giving Thanks

Your outfit choice on Thanksgiving is a very important decision. It's the only time of year I've ever thought those pregnancy jeans I hear about with the elastic waist might sound like a pretty great idea (disclaimer: I've never actually been pregnant). But when you need to be comfy and look presentable there are three things to consider: 1) can your outfit expand easily? belt or no belt? 2) is your outfit still dinner appropriate?...... and 3) how much can you eat but still appear to be comfortable?

Luckily for me, I re-discovered this H&M dress from circa 2006 in the back of my closet and it was perfect. I knew I hoarded that dress for a reason. The bow tie even highlights the current pilgrimmenswear trend that was apparently also on the rise in 2006. Just goes to show, give some outfit pieces a few years and they will come back in style (see current turtleneck trends!).


Dress :: H&M (similar)

Shoes :: Old Navy

Belt :: F21 (similar)

Brooch :: Vintage

What is your go-to holiday dinner outfits? Would love to get some inspiration for upcoming dinners!