What I Wore :: 23 Weeks

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It's likely your first thought after reading the title of this post is that I'm really bad at math. Do I admit there have been some days where I have confused what week of pregnancy I'm on? You bet. Counting in weeks as they relate to a nine month spread is not one of my strengths. Hence the blank stare I usually project after asking a parent how old their child is and the response I get is '20 months'. Hmmm, what exactly does that mean? Can I get a year in there as a starting point? Like a year and six months. Now, that I get.  

So yes, here I am posting a 23 week outfit... when in reality.... I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Which is like six months and some change. This isn't so much a reflection of my math skills as much as my time management skills in posting these photos. So be prepared for some back-to-back baby mama outfit posts coming your way.

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Jacket: Beluah // Dress: Topshop // Bag: c/o Brahmin // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Jewelry: F21, vintage // Wedges: Target

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:: Confessions on Pregnancy ::

- Never in my life have I questioned on a daily basis if today may be the day I pee my pants in public.... as an adult. Yes, there were times in college where after an impressive consumption of alcohol and while standing in a long single line for a single bathroom at a party where I may have thought the odds of me wetting my knickers were high. But, at least back then my ability to 'hold it' was still functioning without the obstacle of a baby firmly standing on my bladder. That's no longer the case. At least I have the baby bump to point to and blame, if I in fact end up peeing my pants in public. Which brings us to the next confession.

- Blame the baby for everything. Really this is just the beginning of what I see as a lifelong ability to blame your child for things completely unbeknownst to them. Late to work? Sorry, I couldn’t run to catch the bus (and motion to your bump). Dirty kitchen you said three times you’d clean? Sorry babe, you know with the baby and all I can’t inhale the chemical fumes. You forgot to: pick up the laundry, grab coffee at the store, lock the door, call back your mother-in-law, take out the trash? Sorry, you know how much this baby gives me pregnancy brain and all. Most recently, I blame this baby for bringing me to the moment where the word 'pee' has now been written on my blog.

- Having a pregnant belly is an oddity. Some mornings I wake up and don’t feel pregnant at all until I’m reminded when applying the hair band to the button of my non-maternity leather pants I still insist on wearing. I’m also not quite fully aware of my belly’s size. As noted when trying to squeeze in between two co-workers chairs and in my mind I was still ‘sucking in’ to get by. You know the feeling. But in reality, my belly hadn’t decreased a millimeter and I side-smacked a guy in the head..... with my belly. Whelp, that’s a first.... for both of us.