What A View + Week(end) Roll Call

Wish that view is what I was looking at now instead of the weather.com forecast's prediction of snow tomorrow. Mexico was the perfect trip at the perfect time. Nothing says relaxation to me than laying by a pool, walking along the beach and having delicious meals in perfect weather. Now, how can we go back once a month?!

It sure was hard to get back into the swing of things post Mexico, but here's the scoop ::

- Sloane Crosley is one my favorite writers plus she's a New Yorker, if you need a good laugh, be sure to read her books 'I Was Told There'd Be Cake' and 'How Did You Get This Number'. She wrote an article for Bon Appetit on the American family Thanksgiving...... and it's spot on!

- I've been eyeing the leopard flat movement since, oh, August.... but I could never talk myself into the price tag of those pretty Sam Edelman ones or even the Steve Madden version. So imagine my excitement when I saw the BP version at Nordstrom for a fraction of the cost....victory!

- Came across an adorable, simple and classic blog / shop named 'Old Faithful'. Great products for guys and handmade home goods. 

- Who knew the Ace Hotel has a blog?!

- 'Charity in Color' - a great way to make your jean purchase go the extra mile. J Brand Jeans have teamed up with City Year to help promote education. City Year is an education focused non-profit that is wholly focused on fighting the national dropout crisis. J Brand are committed to selling 1000 pairs of 'City Year' style jeans to aid in their efforts and raise awareness for the work City Year is doing.

- Fan of Adele? Yea, who isn't. Well, keep an eye on this young one (note the braces - she's all of 15 years old) as she becomes the next UK sensation. Birdy's video for 'People Help The People' is hauntingly good and mature for a girl her age.

- I know, can't believe I'm doing this.... but a group of us are going to see Paranomal Activity 3 tonight....... and then probably go directly to a bar for a stiff drink on ice to help get to sleep. That's been our ritual after seeing the last two. Healthy?.... dunno. Does it work?.... you betcha!

What is everyone going to be for Halloween? Me.... I've been a whoopee cushion the past few years, and it was the smartest decision ever. Share your costume selections!