West Elm Holiday DIY Event

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Recently, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a holiday DIY event at the West Elm store here in NYC. My partner-in-crime for the evening was the lovely Hannah of Hannah Kate Flora, who is a master DIY megastar. Not to mention really important people like Nate Berkus and Queen Latifa have requested her to DIY for them. My claim to fame? Helping Ben Lee sew a button back onto his shirt once. I ended up having to use a safety pin and duct tape. So we can see who the real professional is here in this scenario. 

With my new squishy roommate around these days, my DIY projects have had to take on a whole new speediness to them. They can take no longer than the length of her general distraction time frame - which has recently hit an all time high with the addition of the Christmas tree lights to our apartment. So..... I started with that as the base of this project. 

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What better project for the holidays than to highlight a quick and easy way to monogram just about anything. Honestly... anything. Once you learn the basics of this project, you can go buck wild on just about any fabric in your home. It works on everything from pillowcases to onesies to blankets and stocking caps. I'll have a full tutorial available soon here on the blog so you too can make monograms galore in your very own home. Please, contain your excitement! 

We handed out West Elm napkins to each of the students and let them loose. They dined on the finest chocolate and champagne from Duane Reade and Chelsea Wine & Spirits, respectively. Nothing helps spark those creative juices like bubbly and chocolate peanut butter M&M's. Truly, some of our students came up with brilliant personalized ideas for their napkins! My favorite thing about classes like these, is that although I may be helping facilitate the general idea..... I get super inspired by how creative everyone else is! For instance, one gal personalized her napkin with a "$" sign. We obviously became fast friends! 

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Thanks to all the lovely ladies (and gents!) who came out to DIY with us! The night wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friends at DecoArt who have the world largest selection of crafting supplies and paint known to mankind! Also, everyone upped their street cred thanks to the crew over at Tattly who sent over some seriously amazing tats to spruce up our bare skin with. I've already worn mine to a few Christmas parties..... they sure make good conversation starters!  

We're looking forward to hosting more events in the future. So keep a look out for some coming your way! 

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