Vegas :: iPhone Style


Here's the scene: one of my dearest friends Alex and I celebrated our 21st birthdays together in Vegas and had an absolute blast. Fast forward 5 years.....we decided to do it again....except she didn't know....I surprised her at the airport!

Something to know about me....I L-O-V-E surprises. Doesn't matter if I'm the one being surprised or if I'm the planner of the's just too much fun! So when Alex's madre called me up with the idea, it took me all of .02 seconds to scream COUNT ME IN! This trip was only Friday - Sunday, really three days is all you can handle in Vegas before your body starts to self destruct, and it was packed full of all the best things.

First, I got to fly on my favorite airline - Virgin America. If you've never flown with them, do yourself the favor, it's what flying is suppose to be's not quite back to the glory days of Pan Am, but at least it doesn't make you feel like flying is a cattle call. Second, we had the most stunning view from our hotel room at the Four Seasons......we could practically see the whole city and all the way down the strip. Then we caught Jersey Boys on Friday night followed by a dinner of bistro classics at Bouchon. Saturday was a pool and spa day for the ladies leading up to another big birthday surprise for Alex! After dinner at Lakeside, I told her we were going to Adele, when in fact, we were going to see her all time favorite artist - Garth Brooks! Now, I was skeptical not being a lifelong fan of country or Garth......but I reminded myself this was for Alex. Yea, that came to not matter one bit once Garth started the show. Ten minutes in and I'm singing and clapping along to his cover versions of 'Sweet Baby James' and 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down'! Garth put on a 3 hour unconventional concert/stand-up comedy show with just himself and his guitar - mostly covers - and an hour of requests. I've converted over to a Garth fan.....there I've said it. My husband will be proud - along with my newly acquired Black Jack skills.

As expected, I'm open to detox and turbo sleep suggestions!

Photos via: my trust iPhone!