The Lust List :: Zara


Since the launch of the Zara US shopping site, I've looked at it every day with my finger hovering over the 'purchase' button for things I really don't need I'm just more lusting after! So I made a list of a few of my favorite things for fall to share with you in hopes I won't be alone now in my dream for a closet full of Zara!


1. Gold Tunic

2. Capri Trousers (Shocker, I KNOW. Pants aren't usually my thing.)

3. Plaited Shopper

4. Large Clutch

5. Leopard Print Boot

6. Patent Leather Boots

7. Silk Shirt (with Peter Pan collar!)

8. Feather Print Scarf


Animal prints, gold tones, shirts with stellar collars, trousers, and a good fall toned leather bag are all on my list for fall. What are your favorite pieces?