The Brooklyn Kitchen



 What is better than getting a day off work and getting a private cooking lesson? Well, be jealous.....that was exactly how I got to spend last Friday!

Surprise #1 : Last week we were told we needed a 'Bonding Day'.
Surprise #2:  'Bonding Day' was thankfully not going to be the initial paintball suggestion, but instead, we were getting a private cooking lesson at the amazing Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg!

That was a much better option given most music business professionals aren't know for their athletic prowess and it minimized any physical injuries to others that, come Monday, you can't take back!

If you've never been before, The Brooklyn Kitchen is a wonderful kitchen supply store, a butcher shop and classroom for budding chefs. We were greeted with mimosas, fresh cheese plates and sliced baguette...... I was immediately on board! On top of that grand welcoming, the decor is exactly what I've dreamed and tried to replicate at our apartment. H-e-l-l-o gorgeous 19-foot ceilings, skylights and exposed brick, not to mention, the whole place was decorated with antique kitchen tools and rustic vintage signs. I wanted to move in right then and there.


- Crispy Pancetta, Shallot & Local Greens Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

- Black Pepper Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce and Wilted Arugula

- Roasted Pork Loin with September Succotash

-Plum Mascarpone Gallette with Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream


I helped make the gnocchi from scratch (literally started with peeling hot potatoes) and was pretty impressed with my new found cooking abilities. They offer a ton of classes from your basic knife skills (not the throwing kind!) to pig butchering to mini cupcakes to Persian dinners. They also do several classes in DIY food skills, such as canning and brewing beer at home. I personally can't wait to go back for a couple's cooking class with E. Such a fun date night idea to do with a few couples!


Photos: via my trusty and always fancy iPhone