That Time I Won Something..... Twice!

After waiting too long to push 'purchase' on my Alt Summit NYC ticket, I was left stranded with no entry options for the event. Thankfully, Bing came to the rescue. I put together some kick butt (if I do say so myself) guides full of tips and tricks to New York City and landed myself a ticket. Phew! 

The streak doesn't stop there. While at Alt Summit, we were all tweeting up a storm and through the use of the hashtag #thanksbing, I was able to win myself a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet. Yep, a full fledged professional tablet thingy. As you can probably guess, I'm not a graphic designer or fancy sketch artist..... I've never used a tablet before. But I have heard great things about them! 

Wanted to share my first drawings with you as I took the Bamboo for a test run. I'd say they are Picasso quality.  


Here is one of my magnificent drawings while testing out how to use the pen! You guessed it, that's me dancing in my non-existent yard. Love that dress I'm wearing. 

20120828_Wacom Drawing.jpg

And finally, my first attempt at using it on a photo. This is the big time people! 


Now, if you're one of those folks who gives great advice and wants to give me some tips and tricks so my abilities progress from refrigerator worthy to that of something productive.... send those on over to me --> Please don't make me watch YouTube tutorial after YouTube tutorial until I cry out of boredom. Thanks Bing!