Thanksgiving :: Brooklyn Style

We all have memories of our family holiday traditions....the food, the order of events, the house, the music, the one awkward uncle who was always late, and whatever they may be.... tradition is comfort. But, when you decide to up and move to a super expensive city where it's near impossible to get home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.... you start initiating some traditions of your own.


This year marked the 4th Thanksgiving our friends have shared together. It started back in my 'single ladies' apartment in Manhattan, fitting some 25 severely cramped people around two plastic Kmart tables we had scoured the city to find mere days before the inaugural Thanksgiving gathering..... and totally planned to return the day after. There are never enough chairs - first, because it's impossible to have 'extra' chairs laying around a New York apartment and second, because we always welcome anyone and everyone who doesn't have a warm place to celebrate and give thanks. Food is always potluck style with people bringing their favorite family recipes and the turkey... Oh, the turkey (usually 20+lbs).... is always crafted by our friend Tyler.

As the years have gone on, the gathering has now moved to our Brooklyn loft fitting between 20-30 well spread out people. The Kmart tables are still used, in fact... they've heard some memorable conversations over the years..... and we've been known to have to round up milk jugs and sofa cushions for chairs.... but the aroma and gathering always carries a familiar and comforting feeling. We have instilled traditions of our own that we now come to expect at Thanksgiving. There will always be an oversized turkey, there will never be enough chairs, we will be serenaded by a well crafted Thanksgiving song - to the tune of Lady Gaga or Kelly Clarkson- by Matt and Joe, floor naps will happen, new friends will be made, toasts of thanks will go around the table, there are group Skype sessions with families back home and everyone leaves with a sense of comradery. A holiday celebrated in this fine city is pure magic.

We are thankful to have such wonderful people to celebrate with.

(oh, and yes, those are sweatpants with suspenders and a button down on the football guy. smartest thanksgiving outfit ever!)