Spring Forward + Week(end) Roll Call


Came across this photo E took from one of the Alt parties and was reminded of just how darn lucky we are to live where we do. Seriously. It sure isn't easy, but it's worth it. New York is magical and as the weather peaked in the mid-sixties yesterday, our love for this grand city starts to rekindle now that we've all thawed out from winter. 

What sparked my interest this week? Glad you asked :: 

- Don't forget tonight before you go to sleep to set your clocks ahead an hour. Spring Forward is here! Nothing is worse than waking up and being completely confused on why you were early / late for life all day! Been there. 

- Want to make the perfect drink to go with the music you're listening too? Thank goodness for Drinkify! Cause someone awesome built a site where you can do juuuuuust that.  I want to kiss them on the mouth shake their hand. 

- A rope side table? Yes. Please. I'll take two. 

- Want to take your party pants outfit to the next level? If you're of the daring and flashy type.... Zara's latest prints are here to help you do just that. Wowzers. 

- This woman has inspired me to want to make my whole apartment look like her son's bedroom! Yep. I apparently have the same interior taste as a small child. But, take a look for yourself and tell me Kim didn't just convert you as well. Dang, she's good at interior DIY's

Keeping it short and sweet this Saturday. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!