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Just when you thought you had the best mother-in-law in all the land...... mine came along and just one-upped yours.... again. Oh sure, I'm sure yours is super sweet and bakes you cookies when you come to visit.... but when was the last time she packaged up a vintage silver fox fur and brought it as her carry-on via a flight from Dallas to New York City..... with a layover? Never you say. Hmm, interesting. (My mother-in-law +1)

You see, I'm not one for receiving gifts much. E and I don't usually exchange anything lavish for birthdays or anniversaries. I'm a lady who loves a fun dinner date on those evenings. But, when gifts are given with the intentionality that my mother-in-law puts forth... well then, I usually just start crying. Last year, she made a copy of all her old recipes from E's childhood and made a book for me to have so we can recreate those dishes for our family. Or that time she called my dad to learn the families China patterns and then went out and collected plates with similar patterns that we could mix and match at dinner parties. I cried. Of course. 

You can't wear a fur like this and not feel like a total gangster. Or is it 'gangsta'? I'm not sure. Do I loose street cred for not knowing? Don't answer that! This fur gives me enough street cred for years. Keep a look out for me and my new rap album on the streets of New York people. [Lesson #1 of 'How To Be A Gangster' : drop the mic.... exit stage left.]

:: WHAT I WORE :: 

Fur (similiar) :: Shoes :: Pants :: Hat + Purse :: Gloves

Disclaimer :: Due to the high response count regarding the fur.... this is my stance :: yes, I do love the look of the jacket, I don't support inhumane or hurtful things to be done to innocent animals. This jacket is vintage, which if you are going to buy fur, is the route I most support. The piece I am wearing is a family heirloom. I'm open to discussing further if you'd like to email me directly [parkeretc@gmail.com]. Just want everyone to be happy! Thanks! 

What I Wore :: Technically Business Attire

Still can't say enough how thankful to the heavens I am that I don't have to wear 'formal business attire' in any office I will probably ever work in..... and in fact, if that is a requirement...... you probably won't see me working there! I did once have an internship at a mayor's office for a hot second while attending Georgetown (for another hot second) and I remember stocking up on pencil skirts, camel toned mom-style shoes and cardigan sets with my dad. Oh, the days of a solid cardigan set..... striped ones is you were feeling crazy!

20120223_Business Attire.jpg

Yep, ladies and gentlemen.... the secret is out. There is bright blonde trying to creep out with all its might from under my auburn tresses. I think I've had 'make hair apt' written in my planner on every day for the last week...... talk about procrastination. 

Shirt :: Thrifted at Beacon's Closet

Skirt + Vest :: F21

Necklace :: Vintage 

Shoes :: Old Navy (similar)

Photos :: E