What I Wore :: Summer Wedding

The summer weddings have begun! Since getting hitched myself last October, weddings have taken on a whole new meaning for me.....both on the beauty of a marriage union but also on the actual planning process. For those who have planned a wedding......I mean....that in itself is an accomplishment worthy of an Olympic gold....or at least a fabulous week long honeymoon at an exotic location with no cell service or decisions to be made on flower colors!


In any case, a wedding is a fun time to get to dressed up and celebrate! I have a few "go-to" wedding outfits (especially since most we have to travel too) and this is one of my favorite ones for the summer. The dress was a steal....a bona fide steal ladies and gentleman (if any male has actually read to this point of an outfit discussion)......that beauty there is one of my best finds at F21 and I wear it ALL the time to weddings in heels or flats. I wore it once with my ankle cowboy boots - seen here- under it for a more relaxed wedding and, for the one above, a more classic wedding, I had a fierce pair of heels on. Plus, the bonus is it's comfortable and forgiving--for when you take advantage of that top notch catering and open bar!

Dress: F21

Belt: vintage

Jewelry:Grandpa's watch, thrift, F21

Bag: LV