Book Nerd :: Unbroken

I'm a book nerd. In fact (confession), I'm in a book club. I have a subway commute to thank for the ability to devour chapters while on my way into the city every morning. It's truly treasured time. 

Redemptive stories are my favorite. If there is one topic I will always choose when considering new books, it's stories the include a swell of redemption. Not the romantic comedy type or the drama turned forgiveness type, but the type that redeems the soul of a person and changes the entire track of their life. Grab me a tissue, I'm in.


Meet Louis Zamperini. 

'Unbroken'is the most compelling story of persistence, resilience and survival like I've never experienced before. It's a biography of Louie's life. Starting as a delinquent adolescent who straightened out when his brother pushed him to pursue competitive running. He soon broke state records, then world records, became a hometown champion and was on his way to his second Olympics as the shoo-in in for the gold. Then the war happened. He was soon off to training camp, dodging bullets and then a plane crash that set the rest of his life on a severely different track. Years of being held as a Japanese POW, weighing less than 100 pounds and fighting for his life against his own demons on levels I can't imagine. 

Louie's story isn't just one of just surviving a situation. It's one of ferocious will, humbling forgiveness and a man that overcame. I don't want to tell too much since I hate those who ruin a good story. And there's so much to tell! But know, you will be moved beyond belief by Louis. Not to mention, how stinkin cute is he at the ripe age of 94?! For you non-book-nerds, be ready for the film version to be in production soon. 

Who has read 'Unbroken'? If you have, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also, do share your other book recommendations with me - not just now, but if you have any in the future too. Us book nerds have to stick together! And ladies, trust me, at first I thought 'No way I'm going to like a book about a war.' But it's that and so much more. You're heart will be moved. 

"Hope is the power of the soul to endure," Louis Zamperini