Introducing :: Miss Parker Mae Anderson

ParkerEtc_Parker Mae Anderson_ 20130719.jpg

Well, it’s official. I have a baby. A baby girl to be exact.... and I was convinced it was a boy up until the final moments. The hospital outlined they have a ‘no returns or exchanges’ policy, so here we are about five weeks later...... still haphazardly caring for this tiny human.... that is ours..... forever. Hope she likes us!

Wanted to say a quick and loud thank you to all the well wishes and support we have received from everyone. Also, wanted to say thank you for your patience as I’ve been absent and taking much needed time for myself and our new family. Wanted to be sure to focus on relaxing and easing into motherhood. It hasn’t been graceful, but it has been a massive learning experience. These first weeks and months with your new mini person are absolutely precious and you only get them once. I see babies that are four months old and already I cry at the idea of her getting bigger and growing up. Oh, do note.... once you become a mother.... you will cry at every.single.thing that relates to your child. You should see me, I’m an emotional basket case these days! And yes, it’s true what everyone says, having a baby is life changing in all the ways you expect and don’t expect it to be. It’s magical, overwhelming, heart-filling, joyful and a true test of your mental and physical endurance. 

I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Parker is happy and perfectly healthy.

So, please continue to stick with me as I navigate into a new life balance. A lot of people have asked if I’m going to continue talking about motherhood as I did pregnancy. I’d say, it’s hard not to want to share all of the things you’ve experienced as a new mom.... it was so refreshing (and therapeutic) to switch my writing from vague and big picture to more personal and intimate once I became pregnant. So, yes.... I think I’d find a lot of joy and comfort out of continuing to share life moments as they happen.

Question.... if I unabashedly shared certain newborn moments at times, things we’ve learned, things friends ‘neglected’ to tell us, breastfeeding struggles and victories (I know, I just wrote ‘breast’ on this blog.... the times they are a changin’!) and resources I live and die by these days.... is that something y’all would want to read? I know what you’re thinking.... will this turn into a full on ‘mommy blog’? Oh, heck no my dear friends. But, am I a blogger who is also a mom? Yes. And I look forward to sharing moments, battles and success stories with this community, hopefully getting great feedback and if nothing else..... just great fellow motherly support when s**t hits the fan in my mom department. So, there we go.... I’ve used the word ‘breast’ and 's**t' in the same post. It appears I am truly a new mom.

** I’m going to try to get back into a posting schedule, but in the meantime, feel free to follow along with me via my Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter where it’s much easier to manage updates with one hand while holding a tiny human in the other.