'Tis Better to Give than to Receive

This holiday season, you’ll have a lot of options of things to buy for your friends and family. But that’s just it, they are things. I know in this lifestyle blog world we overuse the terms ‘I’m dying for these shoes’ or ‘I have to have that sweater’….. but in all actuality, you’d still be alive tomorrow without it. Don't get me wrong, I like pretty and sparkly things as much as the next gal, but when you have your health and a closet full of clothes ….  it’s so much more rewarding to give. Take a minute to read about some organizations that are offering other ways to ‘give’ this holiday season. Be conscious how your gift choices can make a big impact on others.

2011212_Holiday Gift Guide.jpg

1 :: Same Sky – these wrap bracelets were made by Rwandan women who survived the 1994 genocide. 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the company to buy more materials and employ more women artisans.

2 :: Worn – these beautiful scarves (that's me wearing this gorgeous blue one!) are handmade by refugee women who have survived the afflictions of war-torn and poverty stricken homelands. The scarves help provide a supplemental source of income and empower the women to rise above poverty. 

3 :: Mercy Corps – aiming to help alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Through this organization you can give a variety of gifts at a variety of donation amounts. Choose from $45 to help vaccinate a child, to $50 to teach a woman to read, or $35 for a treadle pump to help a community efficiently irrigate a field. 

4 :: Susan G. Komen – we will all in our lifetime know a woman, or man, that breast cancer affects. So do as they ask, ‘purchase with purpose’ to help end breast cancer forever.

5 :: A Glimmer of Hope - buy a brick to help build a school. It only takes 750 bricks at $20 each to build a classroom. Education is so very essential to the future generations and every child should have access to a safe place to learn.

6 :: Restore NYC – through the unique jewelry company, Good Season, you can purchase one of their friendship bracelets and help support Restore’s dedication to restoring freedom, safety and hope for foreign-born survivors of sex trafficking by providing long-term, holistic aftercare services.

7 :: Charity:Water – help spread the word about the water crisis through a Charity:Water wristband,  gift card or advocate box. 100% of the proceeds go towards building clean water wells in developing nations.

For more information on these organizations and others like them, check out my Connect + Contribute list to learn more and get involved.