DIY :: Studded Leather Hair Bow

Folks, it has been a DIY inspired weekend. So get ready for a slew of handmade things to be rolling out on the blog in the coming days. 

Without further adieu...... first up, the studded hair bow. Of course, it's a well known fact my feelings for studs and leather, so what better way to combine them into one amazingly bad-a accessory than this. Let's get to it! 

20120521_Studded Bow_1.jpg


Gold Studs  $5.00 -> M&J Trim has the best selection of studs and spikes.

Leather bow $5.00 -> I snatched mine on super sale at the American Apparel pop-up shop.

Exacto knife $6.50 -> A leather punch would've also done the job, but the holes may be too big with a punch. 

20120521_Studded Bow_3.jpg


- Measure (cause I didn't!) and mark where you want the studs to go. Mine are wee-bit sporadically placed! 

- Using the exacto knife, make small cuts in the bow where the spikes will go through. The spikes alone will not puncture the leather. 

- Line up the stud with the holes you just made with the exacto. Push firmly until you see the spikes coming out the other side. 

- Bend the spikes down to secure the stud in place. Repeat for as many studs as you'd like to be on your bow. 

20120521_Studded Bow_4.jpg

Add it to your favorite summer hair-do and you're ready to go!