Alt Summit :: Salt Lake City


After procrastinating on registering for Alt Summit, then finding out it was sold out.... I was pretty bummed. So, I quickly filed it under the 'not going to happen' compartment and vowed to make it in 2013.

Well, that was until my husband did what he does best.....surprised me. 

He's had a ticket tucked away. After opening my computer, the Alt Summit logo had been set as my new desktop background. Took a confusing moment for me to catch on, looked at E, then back at my computer.... then the joy set in and the dancing started! 

Alt is basically a summer camp in January for lifestyle bloggers, designers and foodies. It's packed full of meet-ups, roundtables and days of group discussions and brain storming. Not to mention, I think I signed up for a sewing class! Might help finally get that button my on winter jacket to stay in place. 

Be sure to check back for Alt Summit updates and all the fun Megan, Katie and I find ourselves in. Who else is going? Looking forward to meeting everyone! 

Photo via :: here