A Home To Write Home About

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My love affair with London is going on 10 solid years. Don't tell New York, but it's hard not to always just flirt with London. Ya know, a little sneaky thought of wanting to move back, checking flight prices every now and then, dropping hints to E about dual citizenship for our currently non-existent children. The usual stuff.

Part of my flirting process is constantly looking at interior design sites of London flats and doing the obvious day dreaming about how mine would look. It would radiate the effortless luxury look that comes with the city and probably include a magical secret garden in the backyard.  The rooms would be full of antique treasures, all with a story of their own to tell. 

The main appeal of this specific home, is their ability to mix and match such modern pieces with their larger antique statement pieces. I saw the true interior brilliance shine through in the form of a shoe closet for her sparkly Louboutins made out of vintage apple crates.... well, I had to take some serious deep breaths. Dreamy and so very rustic chic. 

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