My Makeup Savior :: Beauty Blender

Now, I know things I'm good at and things I'm not. I can make just about anything out of burlap and a hot glue gun. But beauty product reviews? Not my normal 'thang'. Bare with me. Frankly, I've been a drugstore makeup junkie, except for my foundation. Always splurge on quality founation. I've been a long time Laura Mercier lover, until I just felt like it wasn't doing the trick lately. I had an itch to mix it up and amp it up. If we're friends on the Instagram, then you've already witnessed my first annoncement of this! 

After discovering a few beauty tutorials on YouTube.... six years after the rest of America..... I stumbled across the Beauty Blender. Skeptical at first, I then found myself two hours deep into YouTube videos. If you made a tutorial video on how to use the Beauty Blender.... I've likely seen it. (Lesson here is - beauty tutorial videos are like a black hole.) After deciding to take the plunge and try some new foundation at the suggestion of a top beauty maven friend, I decided.... what the heck, let's try the Beauty Blender too. It looked idiot proof after all. 

Parker Etc _ How to use the beauty blender.jpg

H-O-L-Y C-O-W Y'-A-L-L! Life changer. I've drank the Kool-Aid of the Beauty Blender. 

Here's the deal. I have combination skin, great some days and other days it's dry and hates all foundation no matter how you apply it or how much you shower in lotion. I hated using brushes that felt streaky and sponges that always looked gross after a week. This was the perfect answer. If you're a lazy makeup person (like myself) and you want something that keeps your life easy, applies makeup in a breeze, smoothes everything out evenly and lives up to the hype.... this is it. I'll say, I tried to skimp out and ease into the idea of a 'blender' sponge by trying the Sonia Kashuk version. Big mistake and waste of money. There is no cheap replacement for the Beauty Blender, so I suggest getting the two pack on Amazon and maybe split it with a friend who also wants to try it out. Then they are only $12 a piece. Let me know how it goes. For now, it works perfectly with my foundation and skin type and I'm in makeup heaven. 

Are you a Beauty Blender veteran? Do you know other magical beauty products I should've known about months ago? Do share! 

*For the record, watch some YouTube tutorial videos. Highly entertaining!