Middle School Phase


Just wanted to write a bit about how I've had trouble sharing lately. Maybe because it was all rainy and gloomy in Brooklyn on Friday (when I started writing this!) or maybe because I have decided this is better than nothing. Either way, I have all these thoughts in my head day in and day out of things I want to blog about and then I ultimately talk myself out of it. I have posts that I’ve never posted for no other reason than I just felt like people wouldn't want to read them. I convince myself that it's a silly subject, no one would find this interesting or that there's really nothing new to say here on the interwebs that hasn't been said before by someone else in different packaging. I've been really bad at feeling confident in what I'm producing and putting out here. I'm setting standards for myself that I think are probably loftier than anything anyone else is expecting of me, which I never used to do before. It’s funny, I’ve discovered this newfound confidence in my life as a mother and have never felt so proud of who I am and what I’m accomplishing every day (read: literally keeping another human alive), yet when it comes to my creativity here on this blog space, I feel inadequate. Do I sound like a moody creative yet? 


I feel like I’m in an awkward middle school phase with this space. There are some growing pains going on and if a blog could have braces and bad skin, I think mine would right now. I'm feeling gangly and out of place. I get stressed about being too 'mommy' on here, but then again, that's really the focus of my world right now. I know more about diaper bag launches than the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag release dates. And it used to be the other way around. Since I'm also still the same person I was before I had Parker, this is where I assume no one wants to read another post on diaper bags or why I try to choose the one that doesn’t scream ‘I’m carrying a bag full of a soiled diapers!’. There are people far and wide who have done that jig. But maybe that is what I want to write about and maybe that is what you want to read. Would that be so bad?


Maybe it’s because I’m juggling the logistics of a full time job, a full time mom and a full time wife on top of managing life in one of the most chaotic and competitive cities in the world. That’s an exhausting sentence to read. I often tell myself that these reasons explain my lack of enthusiasm to hit ‘publish’ after a long day and really believe in what I’m putting out there. Sure, I could publish a ton of stuff that is just fine (trust me, I’ve got an arsenal of unpublished posts just hanging out), but it’s probably best to wait until I feel proud of them. That’s the wonderful thing about having an online space… things evolve and grow and the world goes on. You can always come back when you need to - it’s here waiting.  

I thrive in being able to write, to think creatively, to put together projects and share them with people. So this space will always be a need of mine - it’s not going anywhere. I’m thankful it’s here and I’m thankful you read my ramblings. This awkward middle schooler just needed to share. Now, I'll distract you with a cute picture of Parker Mae crawling....... and all is right in the world again! 


What I Wore :: Summer Wedding

The summer weddings have begun! Since getting hitched myself last October, weddings have taken on a whole new meaning for me.....both on the beauty of a marriage union but also on the actual planning process. For those who have planned a wedding......I mean....that in itself is an accomplishment worthy of an Olympic gold....or at least a fabulous week long honeymoon at an exotic location with no cell service or decisions to be made on flower colors!


In any case, a wedding is a fun time to get to dressed up and celebrate! I have a few "go-to" wedding outfits (especially since most we have to travel too) and this is one of my favorite ones for the summer. The dress was a steal....a bona fide steal ladies and gentleman (if any male has actually read to this point of an outfit discussion)......that beauty there is one of my best finds at F21 and I wear it ALL the time to weddings in heels or flats. I wore it once with my ankle cowboy boots - seen here- under it for a more relaxed wedding and, for the one above, a more classic wedding, I had a fierce pair of heels on. Plus, the bonus is it's comfortable and forgiving--for when you take advantage of that top notch catering and open bar!

Dress: F21

Belt: vintage

Jewelry:Grandpa's watch, thrift, F21

Bag: LV

What I Wore :: Necklace Remix

20110621_What I Wore.jpg
20110621_What I Wore_2.jpg

Oh, it's that time of year again......summer! Each new season I find myself re-inventing my wardrobe and accessories as a way of being budget friendly. Most recently, it's been my necklaces. I've had these two super chunky gold link necklaces that E gave me for Christmas last year. I've always worn them individually or at layering lengths, but I was inspired to start wrapping them together to create a chunkier look. I've liked it so much I've also been doing it with a few other necklace combinations. Key is they have to be roughly the same length. Other than that, it creates a whole new necklace!

Shirt & Skirt: F21. I've thought about a DIY project with some lace pieces similar to this top to revamp an old shirt! Could be fun.

Shoes: Miss Sixty

Scarf: Thrift

Bag: scored this great $7 bag...yes SEVEN big ones...via Walmart thanks to the amazing style eye of Shauna Miller at Penny Chic! I love a wonderfully priced gem!

In other summer arrival news, this is also my shout out to sunscreen! While I love a good golden summer look, as I've gotten older I've become more and more realistic on the damage of sunburns and tanning. Oh, and it's near impossible to find a decent local beach in the area (and rooftops don't count). Either way, I embrace the pale and will be thankful when I'm older (or so I have to repeat to myself now!). This summer I am more about a little bronzer and some trusty UV protection. If self tanner is your golden route, I suggest checking out this great post by Birchbox & Runway Hippie on their top picks --> here.