The Unconventional Home

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Epic and unique are two of my favorite words when it comes to a home. There's something intriguing about a space being used for a purpose other than what it was originally intended for. Like the top floor of an old police station now being used as a studio apartment. A couple blocks north of our place in Brooklyn, there's an old school that has been renovated into an apartment building and I always walk by and daydream (slash, try to peek through the curtains) about what the space looks like inside. Our current place was originally used as a recording studio for a bit, so our bedroom is a bit oddly shaped and it appears it was an impossible idea to make any wall close to a straight 90 degree angle. Cause why would you want to do that? It all definitely lends to some fun and creative manners of interior decorating, which is my favorite part. One day down the road, I know E and I would love to live in an old firehouse or renovated schoolhouse. We're suckers for exposed beams and pipes, high ceilings and quirky spaces! 

When I saw this feature in the recent New York Magazine, I figured it was obviously places that were way off the map of the normal living areas of the city. It's easier to find an old firehouse or church to purchase in rural Pennsylvania, but in New York City? Who knew real estate like that still even existed and hadn't been snatched up and chopped into teeny tiny apartments decades ago? If there's one thing New Yorkers love more than scoring The bargain of the year on an apartment..... it's being able to snoop around in other peoples apartments. Every space in this city is truly unique. Hop on over to the full feature and read about the how the owner's each tackled the transformation process. A little fun Friday read for you! 

Photos by Henrik Knudsen for New York Magazine