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As mentioned last week, I came to the conclusion that given my overall neglect towards any motherhood or pregnancy books, it was time for me to call in some reinforcements.... some all-star moms I have tons of respect for.... and then beg them to impart to me all of their wisdom! It's a lot like asking to borrow your roommates notes, cause you always skipped and slept through class, so you can cram for finals. 

I'm thrilled to kick off this vibrant, quirky and information packed series, 'Baby Mama Drama', with non-other than the lovely Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things! She's the mother of two ridiculously adorable little ladies (I mean, look at those pinchable cheeks!) and lives in sunny San Fran. I've enjoyed following along with her since we first met a while back at Alt Summit. Since day one of finding her blog, I was hooked on her approach to motherhood, shopping, blogging and design..... so it was an obvious choice to use this series as a secret ploy to lure all her tricks and tips out! Read on below to find out her secret mama beauty products, her pregnancy essentials and what to do on mommy's day off. 

NAME :: Jeanne Chan

BLOG :: Shop Sweet Things

TWITTER :: @shopsweetthings

CHILDREN + AGES :: Hayden, 2.5 years old & Hadley, 3 months


Honest first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?

Both of my pregnancies were planned, so I was pretty excited when I found out I was pregnant. It did feel  weird in the beginning knowing that there's another living "being" inside of me, and that the body is no longer just my own. The thought of no sushi, no fine cheese and no wine for the next nine months was just brutal. 

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently and what would you do the same?

I don't know if there's anything I would do differently as I was pretty happy throughout both of my pregnancies. What I would do the same is that I wouldn't go out spending money on maternity clothes unless I really have too. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I didn't end up having a bunch of pregnancy clothes afterwards. I'd rather save the money for later to reward myself with a new wardrobe after I settle in with my post-pregnancy body. (And yes, your body does change after pregnancy!) 

Most embarrassing pregnant moment?

I think this one is pretty common... it's when I have crumbs or food stains on my big belly and don't know it until someone tells you, "oh, here's a napkin, maybe you want to clean that off your shirt?" 

Golden ticket piece of wisdom for a first-time mom?

Letting your friends and family know in advance that you want to rest up and spend quality time with the baby first before you welcome visitors. It can get overwhelming the first couple of weeks and you don't want to seem like you're frustrated at the people who care about you the most. If you communicate that in advance, it will save you some headaches while you take care of a crying newborn in your hands.

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You can’t possibly raise a child without …

Baby wipes! I can't leave my house without them! 

Favorite mom blog?

I don't follow mom blogs per se. But I do follow bloggers who have kids and I love reading their experiences from time to time. Some of my favorites include A Cup of Jo, Oh Joy, La La Lovely, Kenzipoo, What Would Gwyneth Do, Inspiration Cooperative

Lifesaving beauty products during pregnancy?

I don't know if this is consider a beauty product but I loved using the Bliss Lemon Sage Soap during my pregnancy. It smells so good and refreshing and it literally opened up my senses. This is especially good when you feel a little nauseous.

Lifesaving beauty products after pregnancy?

I've never been the type that spends a lot on skin care. But after having kids, a really nice Day and Night cream really makes a difference. I'm currently loving Restorsea. It's a little on the spendy side, but it's really worth it! My skin never felt so nourished. I think letting your natural beauty shine is really the way to go once you become a mother, so anything that helps improve your skin (and spend less time on make up) is a beauty savior. 

Your pregnancy essentials?

Leggings, lots of water, pre-natal vitamins, soy milk, a nice pair of flats or sneakers.

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Your now ‘go-to’ mom essentials?

Baby Bjorn (when I'm out), sleepy wrap (when I'm at home), Elle Macpherson Nursing Bras, and more cool sneakers.

Does the feeling of ‘I’m not prepared for this’ ever go away?

No, not really. A kid's pattern and habits change all the time. I constantly have to adapt and learn new parenting skills. I don't think that's going to stop until the day they get married, haha!

Today has been declared ‘Mommy’s Day Off’.... what’s your ideal day?

A spa day spent at a pool with a glass of champagne and good food. A massage becomes even more of a treat once you have kids!

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