What I Wore :: Stroller Style _ 02

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Y'all..... I think we're starting to get this thing called 'parenting' down. Now, I don't want to jump to any large dramatic statements that will burst into flames the minute we forget her at the grocery store or something..... but I think little P is starting to see eye-to-eye with us. (I do realize that by the shear fact of saying that statement, she will now become the devil child!)The other day I swear little P looked at me and, with her baby eye glare, she said to me.... "I'm with ya sista". And us women..... if we understand anything, it's the meaning behind eye glares.  


Dress (similiar) // Shoes // Scarf (vintage) // Stroller // Blanket (my grandmother's)

I've been soaking up the last days of warm(ish) weather with her at the park. Cause, let's face it, babies are pretty darn cute at the park. And aside from Parker's eye glares, I've noticed the other ones come from unsuspecting bystanders who are using their glares to say 'nanny or mommy, nanny or mommy?' to anyone who walks by with a stroller. I get it, I'm young by New York standards to be pushing a stroller, but I'm old by Texas standards to only have one child in said stroller. So if you've been wondering where I've been, it is safe to assume I've been having stare-off contests while in the park with my baby on a grassy knoll and soaking in the simple joy that is just hanging out with your favorite mini person. Because one of the biggest things motherhood has taught me thus far, is just how insignificant everything else is in the world compared to that of just being with your family. Can I get an Amen! 


Mainly, I also feel like I'm learning a new definition to a successful day. Previously, I would attribute that to a day full of errands, knocking out my 'To-Do' list and finishing some DIY project just for fun. I always live by the notion of - "There are twenty-four usable hours in a day" (see: Empire Records). Nowadays, the definition of a successful day can't come from the things I can see on paper that I've accomplished, cause those days aren't going to be as frequent..... and that's ok. A successful day for me is one in which I've shared new experiences with Lil' P. A day where we went on a five mile walk around the neighborhood. A day where she rolled over for the first time. A day where we just hung out inside while it rained and read books and we may or may not have watched a couple of Ryan Reynolds movies. A day where I know everything we did, cause we did it together. I like those days. 

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