What I Wore :: White On White


Listen on up...... it's officially summer and that means a little white-on-white action is in order. It's always in style, it's


chic and you can play it up, dress it up and shake it up in a 101 ways. And yes, if you wear this outfit.... it is inevitable that you will spill your coffee, smudge your lipstick on your shirt and most likely sit on gum. Wearing white-on-white is a game of you versus your internal clumsy instincts. May the odds be ever in your favor!  


Shirt :: Thrifted $4.00

Pants :: Thrifted $4.00

Clutch :: c/o

Just Fab

Shoes ::

Vera Wang Lavender

(basically kidnapped from Roxy at this point!) 

Jewelry :: DIY double chain necklace and chain bracelet,

Miracle Icons

bead bracelets,


New Hair Cut :: From the amazing Mark at

Level 7 Salon

in Des Moines! 

How do you wear your favorite white-on-white combos? 


Spring Trend :: Structured Maxi Skirt


Continuing with the spring-theme this week, I bring you a loud pastel striped skirt! This quirky piece was found at my favorite thrift store - Housing Works. I have a feeling it was a homemade piece and was probably used for a play or Broadway show of sorts given the stitching and its tag-less-ness. Finding pieces that were made for a show are sometimes my favorite.... they are guaranteed original, usually really fun fabrics and always a wee-bit over the top..... case in point, this skirt. 

Tip : a key thing to do with something as bold as this skirt is to pair it with a quieter piece. I took inspiration from Jil Sander's looks of last year and paired this skirt with a basic white tee. 


Skirt :: Housing Works (similar

Shirt :: American Apparel 

Shoes :: Cole Haan 

Necklaces :: Vintage (similar), F21 

Bag :: c/oJust Fab

Bracelets :: Vintage (similar), c/oMiracle Icons, DIY chain bracelet

Fur :: H&M (similar