SXSW :: Must See Bands of 2012


For all you new music lovers and SXSW attendees, figured I'd share my '2012 Must See' list. It's just a handful, there are tons of great bands playing this year and also a lot of veterans. I tried to keep this list to just the newer bands. Check them out, let me know your thoughts and feel free to leave a comment below on any bands you'd recommend. I always love getting new music recommendations! 

2012 SXSW MUST SEE :: 

Smith Westerns :: They are so young and have already toured with some amazing names. 

Alabama Shakes :: Because the sound is unassumingly catchy and she has such a unique sound. 

Wild Belle :: They are just so good looking! 

Girls :: They probably won't be long term, but for now, they are worth seeing. 

Electric Guest :: Produced by Danger Mouse. And 'American Daydream' is an amazing song. 

Michael Kiwanuka :: Even though he's technically a SXSW veteran,  just listen to the soulful 'Home Again'.... again. 

Fort Lean :: The lead singer DIY'd a fox fur collar onto a jean jacket. That automatically makes them awesome in my book! 

Trixie Whitley :: Voices like hers don't come around a lot. So when they do, it's worth listening too. 

And for the love.... if you can, get over and see Fiona Apple.... do it. The 14-year-old me begs of you!