You know when you see a baby and your ovaries go into overdrive? Whenever I see a house like this my inner homeowner decorator-ies go into overdrive. My insides just want to squeal. I’ve shared some photos of Marie’s home before on here, but these just take it up to a whole other realm. I kept thinking….. ‘it can’t get any better’…. and then I’d scroll down to the next photo and holy shnikies… it got better.


Marie Olsson Nylander is a stylist at KK Living and the home is located in Hoganas, Sweden, a small little fishing town in the southern region and was built in 1884. Previously, it was home to a member of the Swedish parliament, then it was an emergency clinic, an apartment complex and then revamped into an artist’s studio. Now it’s her home…. she gets to live there! It’s covered in history and stories and a uniqueness that can’t be forged.

Nylander has the interior styling eye I wish I had…. don’t we all? With her obvious love of mixing antiques and modern designer pieces, she is able to morph the two into the perfect aesthetic. There is not one thing…. one thing… that I would change about any of these rooms!

Images via: Design Do