What I Wore :: Laundry Day

We've all been there before, it's laundry day and it's a little overdue, so all you have is your 'leftover' clothes to try and get dressed. It gets tricky, it gets creative and then there's always the surprise 'I forgot I owned this!' moment. It's like a treasure hunt to find any last-man-standing gems that are still wearable and not cocktail gowns or sweatpants. What if I just wore a ball gown around the city all day with the excuse that it's laundry day?!

So the hunt began. 

20120116_Laundry Day Outfit.jpg

This was the concoction I came up with.... and was pretty proud of myself. It's got a little color, a little comfy and a little corky all-in-one. 

Sweater :: Ann Demeulemeester

Shirt + Skirt :: F21

Boots :: Franco Sarto (similiar)

Bow :: F21

Necklace :: Vintage

Tights :: Urban Outfitters

Lucy Chadwick + Zara

When was the last time you logged onto Zara online? Well, if you're like me, it's almost..... well, daily. I snuck over to the site this weekend to catch another peek at a handbag I've got my eye on for xmas (here's your subtle hint E) and immediately saw this crazy inspiring video on Lucy Chadwick in her Brooklyn home. Who is Lucy Chadwick? More importantly, who is the bearded man in the corner? First things first, Lucy works for Gavin Brown's gallery in NYC and also Michael Hopper's gallery in London. Sounds like a tough life, right? Her style is vintage and sophisticated, but it also has a simple flare to it that makes that top knot and glasses look so effortless. She's cool in a way few can be. Not to mention, she's incredibly intelligent and versed in all things pertaining to the art world. And as for the long haired supporting actor, that's her man Duffy. Yep, he just goes by Duffy. And he's a hairstylist. 

20111120_Lucy Chadwick.jpg

I have a total girl crush on Lucy, her job and her renovated barn home upstate. Can we talk about how rad her glasses are? Anyone know where they are from?

Video:: A Selby Film - Lucy Chadwick for Zara from We Folk on Vimeo // Photos:: The Selby, Vogue