Love & Reason

Block printing is near and dear to my heart. When deciding what our wedding invites would be, we were drawn to anything and everything block printed. And that's exactly what we ended up going with. I love the process of block printing and the art that goes into the creation. So, it was no surprise when I met fellow Brooklynite Kate Sutlive via Blog Brunch last month, and saw her shop, that I was immediately a huge fan of her work.



Love & Reason is a beautiful shop full of adorable note cards that will give you the perfect excuse to get back in the habit of sending notes via snail mail. Not only are they gorgeous designs, but I'm a very firm believer in handwritten notes. There is a magic and warmth in thoughtful, handwritten words where an impersonal and typed email falls short. And, who doesn't love the surprise of getting a note in the mailbox?! I will literally squeal and open that note like it's the first gift of Christmas!

It's hard to choose a favorite design. The feathers are a top contender, as well as, the black and white framed prints placed side-by-side.... such a modern decoration idea. Kate's prints are the perfect mix of simple design with the uniqueness that is block printing. Love & Reason was recently featured in Design Sponge (so exciting!) and Kate regularly updates her blog, so be sure to keep up with her. Also, holidays are around the corner, start stocking up on your thank you notes now!