Cabin Dreams + Week(end) Roll Call


Coming into the office today I saw loads of commuters with their weekender bags packed and ready to flee the city as the clock hits 5pm. Frankly, it makes me want to jump in a car, grab our friends and head back out to our dream cabin in Maine. I really need to invest in a teleportation machine! 


A glimpse inside the inner workings of my mind this week :: 

- After eyeing pages of inspiring images like these and these..... I've decided I want tear apart and re-do the whole back section of our loft and add a sweet desk / office corner section. If you've ever been to our apartment, this sort of 'tear apart re-arranging' happens often! 

- A new daily read of mine. Am I the last to find her?! 

- After ditching the idea to dip-dyeing eggs and writing names on them (we all know that would turn into an epic mess!).... I decided on these as the perfect name cards for an Easter Brunch. 

- Speaking of brunch, Saturday is our April addition of Blog Brunch (1pm EST // 10am PST). Join us for some amazing talks, tips and tricks on everything 'Blog Design'. Plus, we got super fancy and added a note sheet you can download to use during the brunch! 

- Two of our favorite people are getting hitched next weekend and after realizing my dream dress was too expensive and sold out across the web, I decided to have my own made! Look forward to sharing the DIY process once it's finished. 

- This will be the only time I'll sink to this level, pinky promise, but you absolutely must watch this freakishly adorable video. It will make you squeal from cuteness! 

- Last, but not least, let's play the 'Who Has the Cooler Family?' game. Well, guess what.... I win! And yes, when you get us all in a room together, it is quite the eclectic mix and range of hipster. And it's awesome. 

Have a wonderful weekend!