Dear Santa :: Precious Stone Platters


I know what you're thinking..... gem stones, gold leaf edging..... platters! What magic can this be? My jaw about hit the floor when I first laid eyes on these Kiva platters. My soul loves a solid statement piece.... and these my friends.... are Statement with a capital S. You can also add a capitol C.... for cash and cha-ching. As with most statements, these beauties come with a hefty price tag. For now, I'll just be enjoying them from my computer screen.... it doesn't hurt anyone (or any pocketbooks) to admire a very pretty and well made product..... even if you decide to make that product your current chosen desktop image. Nope, no harm done there.  

Let's just get them all out now. If you could ask Santa for something outrageous (like these platters).... what would you ask for? Sometimes it's just good to share..... this is like an 'outrageous holiday requests support group'... join us, it's a safe place!