What I Wore :: 23 Weeks

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It's likely your first thought after reading the title of this post is that I'm really bad at math. Do I admit there have been some days where I have confused what week of pregnancy I'm on? You bet. Counting in weeks as they relate to a nine month spread is not one of my strengths. Hence the blank stare I usually project after asking a parent how old their child is and the response I get is '20 months'. Hmmm, what exactly does that mean? Can I get a year in there as a starting point? Like a year and six months. Now, that I get.  

So yes, here I am posting a 23 week outfit... when in reality.... I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Which is like six months and some change. This isn't so much a reflection of my math skills as much as my time management skills in posting these photos. So be prepared for some back-to-back baby mama outfit posts coming your way.

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Jacket: Beluah // Dress: Topshop // Bag: c/o Brahmin // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Jewelry: F21, vintage // Wedges: Target

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:: Confessions on Pregnancy ::

- Never in my life have I questioned on a daily basis if today may be the day I pee my pants in public.... as an adult. Yes, there were times in college where after an impressive consumption of alcohol and while standing in a long single line for a single bathroom at a party where I may have thought the odds of me wetting my knickers were high. But, at least back then my ability to 'hold it' was still functioning without the obstacle of a baby firmly standing on my bladder. That's no longer the case. At least I have the baby bump to point to and blame, if I in fact end up peeing my pants in public. Which brings us to the next confession.

- Blame the baby for everything. Really this is just the beginning of what I see as a lifelong ability to blame your child for things completely unbeknownst to them. Late to work? Sorry, I couldn’t run to catch the bus (and motion to your bump). Dirty kitchen you said three times you’d clean? Sorry babe, you know with the baby and all I can’t inhale the chemical fumes. You forgot to: pick up the laundry, grab coffee at the store, lock the door, call back your mother-in-law, take out the trash? Sorry, you know how much this baby gives me pregnancy brain and all. Most recently, I blame this baby for bringing me to the moment where the word 'pee' has now been written on my blog.

- Having a pregnant belly is an oddity. Some mornings I wake up and don’t feel pregnant at all until I’m reminded when applying the hair band to the button of my non-maternity leather pants I still insist on wearing. I’m also not quite fully aware of my belly’s size. As noted when trying to squeeze in between two co-workers chairs and in my mind I was still ‘sucking in’ to get by. You know the feeling. But in reality, my belly hadn’t decreased a millimeter and I side-smacked a guy in the head..... with my belly. Whelp, that’s a first.... for both of us.  

What I Wore :: 20 Weeks

ParkerEtc_ Baby A _ Maternity Outfit_12.jpg

So here we are folks. Halfway through.... already or finally? Not sure which. I think having kept this a secret for so long made those first months just draaaaag along. But I do strongly believe the time that you and your husband have where you are the only two people who share this 'secret', is something special you only get to encounter a number of times (unless you're the Duggar family). Now that it's out in the world(thank you all for the overwhelmingly sweet notes!), I wanted to do some quick housekeeping. I'm sure you're wondering if this will turn into a full-on mommy blog..... frankly, I am too. Right now, that is obviously what is mostly on my mind... I mean, have you seen my Pinterest boards lately?! But, I also want to share things that aren't baby related to keep my sanity before all attention really does go to raising a mini-human (that's the technical term for them, right?). 

Honesty has always been an important thing to me. I haven't used this blog yet as a place to discuss anything super duper personal, but now that I'm feeling extra emotional and all, I've been prone to want to write on a more relatable level about this whole pregnancy thing. Don't start running to the 'exit' button quite yet (this means you too.... all three of you men who read this blog). My hope is to share the things I have found interesting about this whole process, how I'm navigating the weeks and be open about the questions I have in hopes of utilizing this massive thing called the 'internet' to pull as much information out of you already mama's out there so I have even the slightest fighting chance of surviving motherhood. Cause let's face it.... you're never fully prepared, have any clue where to find the right answers and can convince yourself in all of five minutes that finding fashionable maternity jeans may end up being the fight of your life. Scratch that.... the fight of your life will be the first time you have to put on maternity tights..... but more on that later. The normal programming of outfit posts, DIY projects, fun weekend adventures, new food finds and design inspiration will all still be a part of my life, and thus, a part of this little corner of the blogging world. So have no fear, I am not completely going all baby mama drama on you.... just like 60%, maybe 70%. 

It would bring me much joy if you'd love to join me in this adventure, learn with me, tell me all your baby raising secrets and be patient as I navigate my way through this time in life. I think this post officially takes us to the next step in our relationship! So, shall we? 

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Sweater: Zara

Leather Pants (with sweet elastic waistband) : Zara

Shoes : Cole Haan

Necklace : Vintage