What We Wore :: Americana Dinner Style

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Decided to throw a little wild card into today's outfit post. Welcome the first 'His & Her' addition. Probably not going to be a thing. It just worked out that we had these photos from our Americana dinner we hosted for Anthology Magazine. Wanted to share our outfits for the feature. 

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Shirt : J.Crew  // Pants : Zara  // Shoes : Kenneth Cole (similar)  // Hat : Brixton  // Jacket : John Varvatos


Shirt : c/o 2020Ave // Pants : Target (similar #1, similar #2) // Shoes : Christian Louboutin // Shawl : Urban Outfitters (similar) // Necklace : DIY

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In other news, I'm starting to get why there are 'mom clubs'. You can't really relate to the weird thing that is pregnancy unless you've experienced said weird things. If you think of the 'club' as one usually does a fraternity, then pregnancy is the equivalent to the freshman hazing stage. Embarrassing moments are bound to happen, but at least there are always others who are enduring this right of passage with you.. and when it's all over, you wear it like a badge of honor. Forever. And if you survive, you're in for life.... with the stretch marks as your unifying battle wounds. It's just really that 'if you survive' part. So far, I haven't read a book on anything pregnancy related and I've only devoured maternity style blogs and read all 300 whatever pages Lay Baby Lay. Obvious priorities. Other than that, I only know what my daily experiences have been. Every day comes with its own little bizarre quirks. After some back and forth on my 'anti-oversharing' policy.... I decided some events and occurrences just need to be immortalized. Let's start off with a few of the latest ones. 


- If your biggest worries and anxiety come out when you're laying in bed at night, then apparently mine is the fear of outie belly buttons. I laid awake for an hour the other night in fear of what I'd do if the day came my stomach morphed from an innie to an outie. Some people don't mind the outie..... I'm not one of those people. 

- Just when you breathe a sigh of relief that a man on the subway has finally stood up to offer you a seat on a busy morning train, a slightly neurotic and unfriendly woman whom, upon quick examination either just ate a burrito for breakfast or is all of like a week pregnant, gets on the train and asks for your seat..... riiiight as you're about to sit down. Uh.... hum, what? Seriously? You even have a super 'attention I'm pregnant' outfit on. Your eyes skim the shocked faces of the other passengers and in your most graceful and dignified tone, you say.... 'of course!'. Then, you proceed to stand over the breakfast burrito eating maniac and passive aggressively display your bump right in front of her.... for the remainder of your commute. Yep, that just happened to me last Monday. Love you too New York. Love you too. 

- If you've gotten to the point in life where you just really loathe shaving your legs..... well, you should just get pregnant! Yep, it's that easy. And then around month three, your leg hair just miraculously ceases to exist. Thank the Lord! Leg shaving was never one of my strong suits, and thankfully I have super blonde hair, but when it did happen.... it was usually a super botched job. (I know, you're feeling sorry for E right about now.) 

- Need a fool proof excuse for everything? Pregnancy brain. Also see: foggytown. My type-a internal list making and memory keeping ability has slowly slipped out of my grasp over the weeks. Do I have my keys? No clue. Oh, you just told me something really important about your new job? Gonna need you to repeat that. You sent me three emails about grabbing coffee? Nope, never read them. Oh, I responded to them all? You don't say. Don't remember doing that. Needless to say, everything from my apartment to my iPhone to my work computer is covered in reminders and to-do lists. Most of which I forget to check. 

Photos :: Andrew Shepherd

What I Wore :: 20 Weeks

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So here we are folks. Halfway through.... already or finally? Not sure which. I think having kept this a secret for so long made those first months just draaaaag along. But I do strongly believe the time that you and your husband have where you are the only two people who share this 'secret', is something special you only get to encounter a number of times (unless you're the Duggar family). Now that it's out in the world(thank you all for the overwhelmingly sweet notes!), I wanted to do some quick housekeeping. I'm sure you're wondering if this will turn into a full-on mommy blog..... frankly, I am too. Right now, that is obviously what is mostly on my mind... I mean, have you seen my Pinterest boards lately?! But, I also want to share things that aren't baby related to keep my sanity before all attention really does go to raising a mini-human (that's the technical term for them, right?). 

Honesty has always been an important thing to me. I haven't used this blog yet as a place to discuss anything super duper personal, but now that I'm feeling extra emotional and all, I've been prone to want to write on a more relatable level about this whole pregnancy thing. Don't start running to the 'exit' button quite yet (this means you too.... all three of you men who read this blog). My hope is to share the things I have found interesting about this whole process, how I'm navigating the weeks and be open about the questions I have in hopes of utilizing this massive thing called the 'internet' to pull as much information out of you already mama's out there so I have even the slightest fighting chance of surviving motherhood. Cause let's face it.... you're never fully prepared, have any clue where to find the right answers and can convince yourself in all of five minutes that finding fashionable maternity jeans may end up being the fight of your life. Scratch that.... the fight of your life will be the first time you have to put on maternity tights..... but more on that later. The normal programming of outfit posts, DIY projects, fun weekend adventures, new food finds and design inspiration will all still be a part of my life, and thus, a part of this little corner of the blogging world. So have no fear, I am not completely going all baby mama drama on you.... just like 60%, maybe 70%. 

It would bring me much joy if you'd love to join me in this adventure, learn with me, tell me all your baby raising secrets and be patient as I navigate my way through this time in life. I think this post officially takes us to the next step in our relationship! So, shall we? 

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Sweater: Zara

Leather Pants (with sweet elastic waistband) : Zara

Shoes : Cole Haan

Necklace : Vintage