I Heart NY + Week(end) Roll Call


This year will mark my 5 year anniversary with New York City. Neighborhoods have changed, friends have moved, I have moved and things transition. This city is constantly evolving. When I see old photos like these, my heart skips a beat and I feel a sense of pride for this majestic city I am honored to call home. Makes me wonder what the nostalgic feel will be for our grandchildren when they see the photos of our time. They will probably say something like 'What, cars drove on the ground and didn't fly in the sky? How weird.'  But, aside from human advancements, I do know this city will always leave people with a sense of awe. 

This week was a little bit of this and a little bit of that ::

- Discovered my favorite new antique/vintage furniture store here in the city, Furnish Green. They have really great pieces for such an affordable price.   

- We are invited to wear something 'winter white' for an evening party at Alt Summit. I personally feel like that is just an invitation for me to spill something on myself. By just the mere action of me putting on an all white outfit.... red wine will find itself magnetized towards my body. So, I may go for something more cream, beige or sequins

- New nerd program for you 'iftt'. Short for 'if this than that', it is a program that helps tie together your other programs. Like if you take a picture for Instagram it automatically saves it in your Dropbox, and so on. Check it out. 

- Wes Anderson debuted the trailer for his new flick 'Moonrise Kingdom'. It looks typical Wes Anderson, which means I'll love it! What about you? Are you a Wes Anderson fan? 

- Plans Monday night and living in NYC? Come down and join us at Rockwood Music Hall as we pile in, sing along and support The Bellow as they get ready to depart on the road to support The Civil Wars. Guarantee it will be one of the best live shows you've seen in a while. 

- So, today is Friday the 13th! I used to stay up as a kid and sneak down to the basement and watch the Jason movie marathons. Anyone else? You can bet that is exactly what E and I are doing tonight! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Photo :: Life Magazine