DIY :: Updated Vintage Clip-On Earrings

ParkerEtc_DIY earring back.jpg

We can't deny it. Our grandma's and the flea markets have some of the best vintage earrings. To me, they are always a great idea in theory, until you clip them on for the first time and two hours into your evening, your ears start to hurt. Oh, that doesn't happen to you? Maybe I have whimpy ear lobes. 

These earring in particular are some awesome statement ear bling. I love them in theory. Then a mixture of the clip and whatever concoction of metal was used to make them ultimately causes my ears to itch and throb. I always have to take them off after about two hours. Which is sad, cause damn..... they make my ears look super glamerous. 

I had to remedy this issue in time to wear these to ring in 2013! 

ParkerEtc_DIY earring back_2.jpg


1) I started by using my pliers to literally just snap the clip part off the base of the earring. 

2) Then I used clear nail polish and coated the back of the earring. This will help block whatever the metal is from causing my ears to itch. 

3) Using a small dab-a-doo of super glue and a toothpick, I glued the new stud onto the back. Use the toothpick to clean up and smooth out the glue. 

4) Let dry for a while. No one wants to super glue an earring to their ear. 

5) Wear out and about for hours and hours! 

ParkerEtc_DIY earring back_3.jpg