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People call the weeks following the arrival of your new bundle as ‘The Fourth Trimester’.... and frankly, that makes perfect sense to me now. Unfortunately, there is no real way to forecast the first few weeks to a couple of soon-to-be newly minted parents, except to say, “trust me.... you’ll make it out alive”.... and hope they really do. Heck, we’re still in the midst of the fourth trimester, so I could be speaking too soon. One thing is clear.... the symptoms resemble a bit of each of the first three-mesters... some unstable emotional outbursts, sleep deprivation and a severe sense that at some point, someone will realize you’re a total amateur and didn’t read a lick of a baby book. I don’t know what kind of people you are, but you could do some preliminary run-throughs to see how you both manage being in the zombie trenches together. May I suggest, untangling some severely mangled Christmas lights or sign up to be a contestants on Fear Factor together. Eating a worm is a laughable request after you’ve attended to a blowout diaper.

One thing is certain, no matter who you are (and I’m even looking at you Gisele) your body is a tad off center after that basketball belly deflates. Don’t think your body has gone on hiatus for good. Oh no, it will come back with a little love and tender care from your Soul Cycle instructor, but let’s even hand it to Kate Middelton for stepping out to the world post baby wearing a dress that showed what one really looks like..... still slightly pregnant.  I say... embrace it. You just performed the miracle of life. My hips didn’t move an inch during my pregnancy, but ask me to wear a fitted button down right now? It would look like my chest was in bondage.

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Remember when the meltdown of the century happened (reference here) and the entire contents of my closet found their way to the floor/bed/couch? Well, that moment happens again post baby. Be prepared. After months of deliberately dressing one way to accommodate your ever growing accessory, factor in a new season and temperatures and you’ve got quite a curve ball thrown at you. Again, it’s hard to feel confident in certain pieces of clothing when you knew them to fit and hang in an entirely different fashion previously. Thanks to new curves and - an entirely different section of the alphabet - bra size.... it’s like your dressing out of a strangers closet altogether. Let me reiterate this.... take a day and go through your wardrobe to try things on. See what fits, try to spice things up and wear pieces differently or with varied jackets/pants.... basically, see how to re-work what you already own to fit your fresh post baby shape.

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If you have a chance pre-baby, go shopping for some comfortable, free-flowing pieces. I’ve been living in comfy maxi dresses and this vintage black Harriet Selwyn dress my cousin loaned to me during pregnancy and it turned out to be perfect post as well. I call it my ‘stroller style’. Just because you’re pushing a stroller, doesn’t mean you have to be wearing mom jeans. Keep an eye out for chic pieces that can also be incorporated into your daily wardrobe once you’re past the awkward post baby body phase… and thanks to the severe sleep deprivation and your inability to remember what day of the week it is… it will likely be before you know it! Bottom line - when you feel good and look good, you’ll be confident enough to change blow out diapers in style.

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Dress (vintage) // Shoes // Hat // Jewelry // Sunglasses

What I Wore :: 24 Weeks


Shirt: H&M // Pants: F21 // Shoes: Louboutin // Jacket: Target (similar) // Clutch: c/o JustFab // Belt: Urban Outfitters (similar)


It happened.

I knew the day was inevitable. It was bound to happen. But something in my mind kept convincing myself otherwise; that I was going to be prepared, composed and equipped for when the hurricane hit. Was I actually? Of course not. Have we met?

After months of waiting for my bump to officially arrive in hopes of showing it off and parading around in all the cute maternity outfits I had imagined and laid out in the endless closet of my mind, that day had finally arrived. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things occupying my mind was how my body was going to change. It was in all the ways any gal thinks.... ranging from ‘I’ve dreamt since I was a little girl shoving basketballs up my shirt about what being pregnant will look like’ to ‘Holy crap, I don’t want to look like Jessica Simpson’. Both are completely normal reactions... in my book.

The honest truth is, your body is going to change. I repeat..... your body is going to change. And it won’t look like Giselle. Or maybe it will. In which case, we won’t be friends. Either way, I woke up one morning and realized I was living out an episode of Body Snatchers. I stood there in an outfit I had worn over a dozen times and couldn’t comprehend why it looked different. Things weren’t falling how they used too. My once chic oversized tee was now mere inches away from being a crop top. Then I did the worst thing you could do in that moment.... I turned to get a side view of my outfit. Annnnnd...... cue meltdown. Within the next ten minutes I had completely devoured my closet, trying on every combination of shirt/pant/dress/skirt/top I could get my hands on. Then immediately took them each off and over dramatically threw them on our front sofa. Everything felt weird. It was as if I was getting dressed out of a strangers closet. Where did these clothes come from? This was, of course, at 8:00am on the morning I had an 8:30am meeting. (Take note: perfect time to ‘blame the baby’.)

Thankfully, E overheard the commotion and slowly talked me off the ledge.... and out of a crop top. But the moral of the story is not about the dangers of crop tops, it is about the inevitable closet related temper tantrum no woman is immune to. Take it from me, it takes a couple of weeks with your new accessory to really get a handle on how things will look and how you will feel in them. I’ve never been one to wear body hugging anything, and now, I’ll rock a bodycon dress..... without the need for Spanx (read: rebel). Cause really, when else in life can you do that? It’s quite liberating.

After that fateful morning, I vowed to never let my closet explode again. Mainly, because I didn’t want to have to take an entire Sunday afternoon putting everything back on hangers, but also, because I wanted to love every minute I have with this bump-a-roo. You only have it for five of the nine months. And you only get to experience being pregnant for the first time.... once. I didn’t want to waste time being in a fight with my bump. My advice? Take a day and go through your entire closet of what you already own. Try things on and take pictures. Trust me, those photos will come in handy when you need to talk yourself off the ledge again one morning..... ‘Oh right, I don’t look like a blimp in this shirt if I just add a blazer over it’. I went through my closet and noted pieces I could still fit and how to style them with the bump. There were also pieces I had to admit just weren’t going to fly, no matter how I pinned, tucked or tied them. Just remember... they aren’t gone forever, merely on a relaxing vacation until next season. I used this as an opportunity to note the few ‘maternity’ specific staple pieces I was going to actually purchase. But that’s a whole post of its own!