Frozen Yogurt Dots :: Summer Snack

It gets hot here in the city during the summer. And I mean, hot. Not like Texas hot, but the kind of sweltering heat and humidity that you can't avoid.... because rarely does any establishment have central air-conditioning or even a fan. You can't avoid having to wait for the subway underground with no ventilation, and you can't avoid a balmy afternoon trying to get all your errands done. Refreshing snacks are a must on days like those. And yes, this is just the beginning of my rants on the summer..... I'd always rather be cold than hot. 

My go-to favorite snacks for summer are frozen grapes and frozen yogurt. If the two merged into one superhero summer snack, they would be..... frozen yogurt dots! Whelp, I was like a kid on Christmas when this little delightful recipe found its way to my doorstep. It knocked, I answered and boy they sure are de-lic-ious!

20120523_Yogurt Drops_1.jpg


Pyrex dish (you can also use a cookie sheet)

- Yogurt (used a variety of brands/flavors as testers, and I liked the blueberry greek yogurt the best)

Sandwich baggies 

20120523_Yogurt Drops_2.jpg


- Choose your yogurt (trust me, there are way too many options out there, who knew!)

- Scoop into a sandwich baggie. Squeeze the yogurt down to one corner of the bag. 

- With a pair of scissors, cut the tip of the corner off the bag. 

- Make little dollops of yogurt onto the Pyrex. Or I mean..... you can draw a design, write your name in cursive or spell out a secret in morse code really.  Let the yogurt lead you!

- Once that is done. Place the container in the freezer. Let sit for an hour. 

- Remove, place in a serving dish and enjoy! 

What are your favorite refreshing summer snacks? I gladly welcome any suggestions!  

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