Thank You Dad!

20120617_Fathers Day.jpg

Today is a day to say 'Thank You Dad' for all of the times I didn't say it, for all the things you selfless did in order for me to become the woman I am today and especially for all your patience and encouragement over the years.  

In case any of you aren't already familiar, my father is my biggest cheerleader. He was at every sports competition and walked miles with me at golf courses around the nation, he's the person who put me on planes to travel the world and pushed me to see everything I could, he's the dad that drove a U-Haul from Iowa to Brooklyn with our families antique furniture so E and I could have them in our first home, for literally moving mountains at the drop of a hat if there was ever anything I needed.... and never once complaining, he's the dad who held my shaking hand as I teared up walked down the aisle and who taught me a few bar tricks with stacked coasters..... there are these small examples and so much more (get the whole scoop here) that I simple want to say to him..... Thank You.  

In an attempt to detour around another hour long ugly cry (out of thankfulness!) as I type out a heartfelt blog post to my dad, I instead went with a picture book this year.... see below. 

20120617_Fathers Day_2.jpg

THANK YOU DAD! Love you. xx Amy